Acoustic Consulting

Acoustic Consulting

We are specialized in:

  • Acoustic design of spaces: Multipurpose rooms, theaters, auditoriums.
  • Acoustic design of sound studios
  • Acoustic projects in construction:
    • Residential and health building
    • Administrative and teaching building
  • Cultural facilities
  • Acoustic impact project of activities
  • Tailor-made courses for companies, educational centers or any type of entity

Compliance of acoustic regulations: CTE DB-HR, Environmental Ordinances, LEED, WELL type certifications, etc.

In company training

We adapt to the specific needs of each company to provide the training they need in the field of acoustics. Whether theoretical foundations, installation, behavior of materials, acoustic regulations, etc.
Collaboration with companies to research new materials, solutions and designs that bring innovation in acoustic applications.

Equipament & Software

We have our own approved equipment to make acoustic measurements.
We have specific acoustic software to calculate and simulate each project:

  • Room Acoustic Simulation: Odeon Auditorium
  • Acoustic Insulation prediction of building elements: Insul
  • Calculation of insulation performance in situ: Sonarchitect, Sonarchitect ISO.